Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Robert Royal Parties Like A Rock Star

Oh how us Redskins fans miss Robert Royal. Seriously, we do. I don't think we have a tight end that can catch the ball other than Cooley...besides the scrubs young talent we brought to camp. Anyway, I was up late scouring the web for porn interesting stories to blog about and I came across Robert Royal's myspace page. It is always interesting whenever sports celebrities players let us peek into a window of their lives on this social networking thing. If you're too lazy to look for yourself, here's a look into the Bills' TE life:
  • His Swagger is so right
  • His Sexual nickname is "The Purple Headed Warrior of Love"
  • His interests include 1) His Daughter; 2) Money; 3) Football; 4) Playstation 2; and judging from the dollar bills falling in his background, 5)Mo' Money
  • He does not read books
  • He does enjoy the rap music
  • He likes the ladies of allllll colors
  • He likes to take pictures...like this one
I am not one to talk about anyone's fashion sense, nor am I here to tear down a guy who is loving life without causing anyone harm but what is going on with that massive zipper from his chin to his stomach? Did he just come back from the dentist? Is it a bib built into that flashy shirt? I know the man can afford some clothes, look at that ka-ching on his wrists, but he has to let us know what is up with that shirt.


nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Sir, that is no zipper.

That is mad BLING!

It's his necklace.

Chimpanzee Rage said...

Even his zippers are made of platinum!