Wednesday, January 31, 2007

USARPS Is Right: NFL Needs Rock, Paper, Scissors Like Chit'lins Need Hot Sauce

USA Rock Paper Scissors league has made a peitition to the NFL to do away with the antiquated and statistically flawed coin toss to determine possession at the start of games and overtime. Their proposal, of course, is to use rock, paper, scissors ("RPS") to do this. The Deuce, for one, is fully behind this update to our flawed but beloved NFL.

What would be better to add more drama to the spectacle of the NFL than to have a competition, not fate, determine who gets the ball to start? Short of a sacrificial death match, winner gets possession, nothing else can compare.

The influence of this could even open roster spots on teams for champion RPS players as specialists to help teams gain possession! Kickers kick the ball, punters punt the ball, RPS'ers GET the ball!

In overtime, for example, nothing is more important than getting the ball first and yet professional football teams use the toss of the coin to determine who gets the ball first. This is so flawed that the NCAA fully did away with it for their overtime, instead using a "shootout" style overtime, which while exciting, inflates scores and statistics incredibly. Just by using RPS, NFL teams could legitimately determine possession while not destroying the sanctity of the sport.

The team that wins 2 out of 3 gets the ball. Perfectly fair, no random dumb luck anymore and certainly no chance of a Phil Luckett situation occurring again.

The Deuce of Davenport urges all to sign the petition and let our voices as fans of fair play, football and rock paper scissors be heard!!! There isn't much time and it is time for a change! Not to mention their spokesmodels are HOT...Link to USARPS Petition

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