Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Redskins Rumor, New Personnel Chief?

Heard on Sportstalk 980 this morning, a "deep throat" called in and suggested that a member of the Chicago Bears front office with local ties might be making a move to the Washington Redskins after the Super Bowl.

In doing a little research, the Deuce is furthering this rumor by saying the only person this could be is Bobby Depaul. His bio states that he is a Bowie, Md native and:

DePaul attended Archbishop John Carroll High School in Washington, D.C., where he played fullback and linebacker on a team that lost only once during his three-year varsity career. DePaul attended the University of Maryland and played linebacker on three Atlantic Coast Conference champion Terrapin squads...


DePaul entered the NFL in 1989, hired by former Bears defensive back Richie Petitbon as a member of Joe Gibbs’ coaching staff at Washington where he stayed until 1993 after winning an NFL championship with the Redskins’ Super Bowl XXVI victory over Buffalo.

The Redskins sure could use someone with some real scouting and personnel experience with the moves that Vinny Cerrato has made over the last decade pretty much crippling the team with the deadly combination of no salary cap space AND no draft picks. Perhaps this DePaul character is the man to get the Redskins back to their winning ways of a decade ago.

Or perhaps its just another death rattle while a once proud franchise grasps for some more stars from their old, faded glory.

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