Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You May Have Noticed We Haven't Been Posting

Well, even if you haven't noticed our absence from the sports blogosphere its Chimpanzee Rage here to tell you that, no, we aren't dead...yet. Sure this year has been an off year for us at the Deuce so far, but Mustafa and I are not killing the site yet, we've just taken an unannounced break for a little bit.

So, on to the typical blogger excuses for not consistently providing you any mindless sports themed entertainment to fill your work day. First excuse, me, I'm getting married on Saturday and won't even be in the country until June rolls around. That's sucked up a lot of time and energy on my end. Second excuse, Mustafa, well who knows what exactly that cat is up to, but he's got too much on his plate right now as well. Third excuse, as for the other people who have occasionally dropped a post on the site...I have no idea why they are still listed as contributors on here. Finally last excuse, both of us are fighting for our respective day jobs, so that stress has been sucking away a lot of free time from the Deuce posting.

The good news, for anyone that still cares, is that we'll both be back and the site is NOT DEAD...yet. Mustafa might be able to start posting as early as this week, but I, Chimpanzee Rage, am going to start going back to regular daily posting once I get back stateside.

That all being said, don't lose faith in us, don't delete your bookmarks, keep on coming back, we're not putting a cork in this site yet, we're still letting it breathe.

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