Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kathy Lee Said She'd Kill Regis Last. She Lied

Revenge has an interesting way of working itself out. Sometimes it comes in a revolving door or a barber chair. Other times, it strikes in the least expected place. Kathy Lee Gifford should get some respect for being so crafty. She stayed relatively chill after getting bounced off Regis and Kathy Lee and worked her way on the Today Show. All the while, she was plotting her revenge. Who knew her first shot at revenge would come in the form of Hanley Ramirez?

Kathy Lee's nemesis, Regis Philbin, was almost taken out by Ramirez during warmups before the Marlins game against the Reds on May 4. The shortstop "[fired] a baseball at Philbin from 100 feet away" after he walked into a long-toss session between Ramirez and Emilio Bonifacio. The talk show host was shaken but unhurt.
"He tried to kill me!" Philbin barked to a phalanx of reporters following a second-inning turn on the Marlins' telecast. "That's a quote! Put it in the papers! I know Kathy's behind this! This means war, bitch!"
Fine. Maybe he didn't say that last part about Kathy Lee but it couldn't have been far from his mind. Where was Enrico Palazzo during all of this? He could have stopped Ramirez from throwing that ball. Maybe Regis isn't as important as the Queen of England. Don't tell him that.

The question is will Philbin take this lying down or strike back. He should use A-Rod. He'll do anything if he thinks he has a shot at some 60+ ass and Kathy Lee will be too busy running her yap to see it coming. This is almost like that piece of shit with Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas. What was it again? Oh. Throw Momma from the Train. 

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