Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hughes and Lebron Take The Playoffs Seriously

Not only are the Cavaliers coming to DC with intentions of wiping the floor with the heavily injured and underdogged Wizards...but they're planning a party in Washington DC IN BETWEEN GAMES 3 AND 4 of the series! This apparently is just to try and show that they can beat the Wizards with their two superstars hungover as hell, thereby leveling the playing field. That is some gall right there. But its not the best thing about this playoff weekend...Larry Hughes actually has TWO parties that weekend!

Thats right...Larry Hughes is co-hosting two parties in one weekend. The first one, with our boy Agent Zero (and Fabolous) right after game 3 on Saturday and the next on Sunday, their one off day in between games 3 and 4. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a man who is happy to be back in DC...and a cocky man who thinks he can help beat a team decimated by injuries after 2 straight nights of partying. Ya gotta give it to Agent Zero though, you know he had to be the one who got Fabolous to perform at his party...TAKE THAT "KING" JAMES!

Anyway, all you gamblers out there...i think its safe to say take the UNDER on Larry Hughes points for game 4 and the UNDER on the game 4 score. We'll see if they'll be celebrating a sweep on Monday...


Anonymous said...

Right, i'm sure both Larry and Lebron know what they can and can't handle between games...I bet they wouldn't be partying if the Wizards were half a threat in this series.

Anonymous said...

you know that hughes and james aren't really hosting those parties right? their names are just being used by promoters to draw attention to the parties. hughes didn't even know about it until he was asked by the media. the clubs even admitted that they just used the names and that it doesn't mean the athlete will be there.