Wednesday, April 25, 2007

THE Definitive Article on Dwarf Tossing

This is one brilliant piece of work the people of TwistedEdge came up with. It is one of the most in depth articles on the lost sport of midget throwing/dwarf tossing. Some excerpts:
The Roots:The first of these twisted little events to get any real recognition was The Dwarf Throwing World Championship (I kid you not) which took place some time in 1986 - further proof as to what a messed up decade that was. That particular toss-fest was won by Team England - Danny Blue, Roy Merrin and Lenny The Giant the heroes of the hour.
The current world record for the longest throw is held by some white trash nutcase called Cuddles. Bless. I bet he loves his mommy and everything. The throw was an impressive 12 feet 9 inches. Cuddles belongs to a team of circus escapees calling themselves Oddballs. The Oddballs are mainly famous for their rather racy (and un-nervingly homo-erotic) 'balloon dance,' which basically involves them prancing about naked with balloons covering their pinkened, shrunken manhoods. They have a website and everything - click here to check it out (although doing so will officially make you a freak.)
You talk about quality investigative blogging! Very impressive work. Call me curious but, I'd love to see what the Japanese are doing now in the world of tossing. They've got to be competitive now, especially with strange, demeaning shows like this.

Read this article and remember the first rule of dwarf tossing is you don't talk about dwarf tossing. The second rule of dwarf tossing is...

Link: Midget Throwing: A Lost Art - TwistedEdge

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